Latest Release Notes

2017 May

  • Add Inventory# for Drone, Battery and Equipment. When entering the Inventory #, its QR Code representation is displayed. It will be used in the coming weeks directly from the mobile barcode scanner.
  • Risk Analysis Post-flight report displays in Preview mode. This machine learning engine manage to detect incidents, airspace risks, GPS/Connection/Battery issues. More to come around this great feature.
  • Clone a flight or a mission, can be done directly from the flight list under the Actions button.
  • Automation Rules: set default data to set automatically to imported flights. Customer, Project, Flight Type are the first parameters you can configure to be pre-set in new imported flights.
  • Add mass-import of Drone, Equipment and Location via CSV files.

2017 April

  • In the flight area drawing tool, we have added more marker types, like Pilot, Visual observers and more predefined hazards.
  • Fix Autel importer.
  • Add Color and second controller serial number in Drone detail.
  • Mobile app: add checklist to a flight.
  • Mobile app: use scanner to fill serial number of Drone, equipment, battery.

2017 March

  • Add Pix4D CSV importer.
  • Add Custom Risk Assessment templates.
  • Mass-import batteries from CSV template.
  • Auto-populate weather forecast when importing from DJI Sync or Mass-import logs.
  • Add Wingtra JSON importer.
  • Calculate max distance from take-off for DJI importer. Max distance is displayed on the flight detail page.
  • Add “Remote Pilot Certificate” type of user document.
  • When importing flight log, we geo-reverse current track position and automatically create a fully-named location.
  • Read and save in battery details,  the smart battery cycles count. Retrieve from DJI log when importing a flight.

2017 February

  • Clone flight option in the actions dropdown list (in flight list).
  • Add Customer User rights: View, Full View, Add/Edit and Delete rights.
  • Add Lockheed martin BIN log file importer.
  • Add Simplified Mass-add flight screen.
  • Personnel page: displays Nb flights, total flying time and last 90 days activity for each pilot.
  • Transport Canada has been added in the legal jurisdiction list and as a new report.
  • Fix bug when uploading a document: original file extension is kept.

2017 January

  • Add a new log file importer: FPV Camera CSV log file.
  • Extend the template to mass-import flight from CSV file.
  • Improve battery serial # in the DJI importer and Dji Go Sync.
  • Add PrecisionHawk Datamapper Inflight tool .TXT file importer.
  • Add Lockheed Martin Indago log file importer.
  • Fix weather info precision on a flight.
  • Add an automatic check to match existing location without recreating a new one when importing flight.

2016 December

  • NOTAM Pre-flight form added.
  • Display all flight on an Operations Calendar. Click on a flight to open its details. Year, Month, Week and Day view.
  • PrivateLabel: switch login between sub-organizations directly from a click. Observe and edit all data of a sub-organization without logout.
  • Add Shortcuts and Open Recent history list, in a panel accessible in all page. Get a quick access to any recent added or viewed flight, location and project. More to come.
  • When importing a DJI log, drone is automatically set from inventory based on the drone name set in DJI GO app.
  • Add Europe EASA and Danish TBST Legal report
  • Add Pilot License Number (like Part-107 registration) in User profile and Legal report header.
  • When mass-importing flight (via our DJI GO Sync, Manual mass import, AutoFlightLogic Autopilot…etc), if location is not found on your inventory then a new location is created automatically, and linked to the flight.
  • Add support to Pix4D Log (dataflash.log).
  • Add Controller Serial # in Drone detail.
  • Add Operation Type Flight attribute (VLOS, EVLOS, BVLOS, AUTONOMOUS, FPV).
  • Add Night Flight attribute (important for Danish requirement by example).

2016 November

  • In the flight detail screen, you can now append Telemetry data of another flight (same flight date). Useful to merge flight imported via the DJI Go app or AutoflightLogic Autopilot app with an already existing flight created manually.
  • In the flight detail screen, you can access to all flight on the same day, and switch in a click.
  • The new “DJI GO Sync” web feature allows our clients who operate DJI’s to sync with their GO account and import files directly into DroneLogbook. This feature eliminates the need to plug your device into your PC to get log files.
  • Our mobile apps now have the KP index (to show magnetic field disturbances) on the launch page. In addition, you can access and use (including signature feature) your custom checklists from inside the mobile app.
  • Autel Robotics Log importer.
  • JETI Log importer.
  • Flight mass-update: Change information like Drone, Location, Project, Equipment-on-board, Personnel…etc, for multiple flight at once.
  • Update PX4Log parser to support 3.4.x versions.
  • Add video tutorial links in related sections.
  • Mass-import of Customers via a CSV file.

2016 October

  • Mobile iOS and Android applications released. Compatible with Smartphone and Tablets.
  • Share flight feature: in the flight detail screen, Click on the Share button to get the link to a summary of your flight anybody can see if you give him the URL.
  • DroneDeploy mission log file importer.
  • New Android / iOS mobile application.
  • New DJI importer.

2016 September

  • Archive a project: all project data are archived : flights, document and incidents.
  • Archive a location: when archived, it’s not accessible in the location list.
  • Choose which column need to be exported in Flight CSV report.
  • For organization with several person, administrator can now set user rights specifically to each person. Rights can possibility to add / edit, or delete flight, drone, equipment, battery,…etc

2016 August

  • In Mission plan, upcoming mission list, you can view visual weather forecast for the coming days. Click on “Visual forecast” button on a flight line.
  • You can now pay your subscription directly by Credit Card or Paypal.
  • When completing a planned mission, you can append telemetric data of an imported flight (manually or automatically via AutoflightLogic or NVDrones) to the mission. Data like Track, voltages, travelled distance..etc, are copied in the completed mission. The imported flight is deleted after completion.
  • Fix FlightArea mapping tool issue in IE 11.
  • Fix AutoflightLogic unit issue.

2016 July

  • Replay flight track in 3D (Doarama viewer)
  • Support latest version of PX4LOG in importer.
  • Clone a flight/mission directly from the flight/mission detail screen.
  • When cloning, documents of the original flight/mission are attached also to the flight/mission clone.
  • Can deattach a document attached to a flight from the detail screen.
  • Add custom operations report filters: location-only and incidents-only.
  • Yuneec importer: add travelled distance.
  • Fix an issue in Mission plan flight list, on Fulltext filtering.
  • Export flight track to KML (for Google earth preview by example) and to IGC: to replay the flight in the 3D player of

2016 June

  • Improve Trimble importer (clean no-GPS starting points).
  • Add incident export as CSV.
  • Add dropdown with edit filtering feature to Drone list, in all screen including Drone selection.
  •  Add flight Area block in the mission edition and flight edition screens.
  •  PX4_BIN and APM importer: fix point with GPS Time wrong.
  • Display battery Charges charts: cell_resistance / date, voltage-after-charge / date.
  • Fix bug when editing Checklist entry (with Carriage return in the string).
  • Add Trimble TXT file importer.
  • Location map: add a Edit location button in a marker info popup (when clicking on a marker).
  • Battery Charge screen, add cell resistances fields.
  • Can upload a docx, word and excel document.
  • Add flightNumber in Flight CSV export.
  • Add a Search by Flight number function in flight list screen.
  • In Profile, can upload a document for User or Organization of type “Other”.
  • Flight Area mapping tool: Display GPS coord in marker box.
  • Add Airmap Status on principal map in flight detail screen.
  • Add Airmap status line in upcoming flight list.
  • Modify POA form:
    • Add second pilot line
    • Extend pilot info field
    • Add Date and signature at the end of the form
    • Rename “333 exemption number” to “Government licence number”
  • Export tags field in data export CSV.
  • Add Tags field in Flight.
  • Fix NVDrones webservice for flight with time start/end around midnight.
  • Add SenseFly KML File parser.

2016 May

  • Add Airmap Status box in the flight detail and upcoming flight list.
  • Fix Parrot log file (new structure from manufacturer).
  • Add Airmap airspaces in Flight area mapping tool.
  • Add Equipment/Battery CSV report.
  • Add Log mass-import for all flight log types.
  • When adding log file info after import, set automatically pilot and weather.
  • Create flight area from KML file.
  • Add project summary screen: list of flight, incident, document, location.
  •  Add weather forecast summary in upcoming mission list. Add a refresh button to update weather info directly from the list.
  • Fix FreeFly Alta date/time bug.
  • Flash fields when get weather returns.

2016 April

  • Add filter “only my data” in legal report.
  •  Add Project management screen.
  •  Add Risk management form.
  • Show flight area on the trace map.
  • DGAC report.
  •  Add DGAC flight types and scenario.