DBL-Sync App

DLB-Sync, simplifies import of your flights from major mobile drone flight control apps natively to your DroneLogbook account. This app can sync flights into DLB-Sync from your flight control apps when offline or in poor mobile coverage, then upload flights to DroneLogbook or SafetyDrone account when you have mobile or WIFI coverage.

DLB-Sync is an Android only mobile app (because iOS does not allow to access external folders). You can download it directly from this URL (easier if you want to install it on drone manufacturer Android-based tablets):

For SafetyDrone.org users or Private Label users, when entering your login credentials, set the Private Label Server checkbox and enter your specific server url. By example: SafetyDrone users have to enter the url : https://www.safetydrone.org

At the moment, the supported mobile apps are listed below, with their related default log folder location.

“DJI GO 4” : “/storage/emulated/legacy/DJI/dji.go.v4/FlightRecord”
“DJI Pilot” : “/storage/emulated/legacy/DJI/com.dji.industry.pilot/FlightRecord”
“Airmap” : “/storage/emulated/legacy/DJI/com.airmap.airmap/FlightRecord”
“Pix4DCapture” : “/storage/emulated/legacy/DJI/com.pix4d.plugindji/FlightRecord”
“DroneDeploy” : “/storage/emulated/legacy/DJI/com.dronedeploy.beta/FlightRecord”
“Autel Explorer” : “/storage/emulated/legacy/Autel/explorer/flightlog”
“DJI AG App” : “/storage/emulated/legacy/DJI/dji.prof.mg/LOG/tcp_769”
“DJI GS RTK” : “/storage/emulated/legacy/DJI/dji.mg.gsp/LOG/tcp_769”
“DroneAmplified Ignis” : “/storage/Drone Amplified/Flight Logs”

Important about the local logs path:
if the logs are not listed in the DLB-Sync app, this is certainly due to the fact that they are not stored in the default location (folder). The default folder can be changed for each connector in the DLB-Sync Settings screen.
On Android the “Internal Memory” is accessible thru (depending on the device manufacturer):
So you will perhaps need to change the path on the settings.
By example for DJI AG , replace :
with /storage/emulated/0/DJI/dji.prof.mg.gsp/LOG/tcp_769

if an SD card is used to store the log files, the android path can be:

Due to these manufacturer specifications, it’s important to check with a file explorer what is the exact path, where DLB Sync will search for logs to display.