Skydio Cloud Sync

DroneLogbook can sync your flights saved on Skydio cloud to your flights list.

Skydio Cloud :
Access Skydio cloud portal from this link :

Remark: Enterprise customers have access to the Fleet Manager portion of Skydio Cloud with their enterprise purchase.
Consumer level purchases will not have access to the Skydio Cloud and does require an additional purchase.

To be able to sync your flights to DroneLogbook, you need to create an API Token:
On Skydio Cloud, open the Settings page and open the API section to create a token. Copy this token and enter it in the DroneLogbook Skydio Cloud Sync screen.Screenshot 2022-01-14 at 12.02.08

About Telemetry data: on Skydio cloud you need to enable Data Capture for the telemetry files to be uploaded to the Cloud:
Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 8.52.03 AM
 flight that has telemetry uploaded will display “view flight” on the flights page:
Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 8.57.40 AM

Remark: If the flight telemetry is not saved on Skydio Cloud, DroneLogbook will anyway create a flight record with the flight date/time, duration, drone and pilot.

DroneLogbook Skydio Cloud Sync:
You can access it from the Flight list screen: click on “Add Flight”, “Importing from Telemetry”, then select “Skydio Sync”.
In DroneLogbook Skydio Cloud Sync screen, the first time you need to enter an API token (created in the Skydio Portal Settings, see information above).

Rules applied during import:

  • If telemetry data can be downloaded from Skydio cloud, the telemetry is attached to the created flight record.
    If no telemetry data: we create anyway a flight record with the following data: date/time, flight duration, drone used, pilot.
    In this case, the following status is displayed:
    Screenshot 2022-01-11 at 17.49.51

  • During import, the drone is auto-detected in the user’s org inventory, using its serial number. Pilot is also auto-detected using the email and Pilot role set on DLB side. If no pilot with Skydio log email is found, default pilot is DLB logged-in user.
  • Drone is auto-created in the inventory if not been found in user org inventory (based on drone serial number). The default drone name is its serial number.
  • Unicity check is in place so a flight can not be created twice. Search criteria is :
    • For a flight with telemetry : telemetry data checksum
    • For a flight with no telemetry : date/time (take-off) and drone used.
  • Finally, we keep in the system the date/time, sync process has been launched. So next time you open this page, only new flights from the last sync date are listed.