How to send eMotion log files to your DroneLogbook account

Here is a step-by-step procedure to see your SenseFly log files in DroneLogbook All these steps are done in eMotion.

First of all, you need to enter your DroneLogbook credentials :
Go in the Options / Clouds section and enter your DroneLogbook account email / password . Optionally if you are part of an organization using a DroneLogbook Private server, enter also the server url. Ex: (do not enter the https:// in front of the url).


Selection of the flight to send:
1- In the Flight Data manager, select the flight date in the calendar, and then the flight from this day.
2- Select the BB3 log file: Local version to eMotion.
You can also provide a BB3 log.

3-No need to make a post-processing to upload to DroneLogbook:

4- No need to import images (not used in DroneLogbook):

5- Select Outputs: Be sure to check the following 2 boxes :
– “Create JSON flight log”
– “Upload JSON flight log to DroneLogbook Cloud”.

6- Wait a few seconds to see the Upload message:

7- Your flight is now visible in your DroneLogbook account.