Steps to enter your data history for new user

You just register on DroneLogbook and need to enter your history of flight, drones, batteries..etc. Here are a few steps to follow.
First things are to:
– Enter your organization information and personnel.
– Enter your drones, battery and equipment. Remark: you can use our mass-import scripts to add multiple drones, battery or equipment at a time.
– If you fly DJI drones, go in the DJI Sync screen, and enter your DJI cloud account info.
– Check these points to be able to auto-match battery on import:
– Check this post to sync with DJI automatically:
There are several ways, to enter your flight history:
– for DJI drones, import using the DJI Sync (flight must have been done using the DJI Go app, as described in the above post).
– You can also use our flight mass-import, using our CSV template:
– Or more basically you can also enter manually a flight entry, with a cumul of flight time for the duration and the number of flight in the landings number field => total flight number and total flying time will be accurate.