Free Plan

Quick Start Step 1

In order to use DroneLogbook effectively the user needs to do an initial setup of the system. This only takes a few minutes to complete. After registration the user will be brought to this screen. Click on the “Profile” tab at the top to start the process. This will bring the user to their profile page to enter information, set up roles and attach documentation for the user.


Quick Start Step 2

The user will land at this profile page. The information here is used in other sections of the website as well as allow the user to access documents in the field (licenses etc).


Quick Start Step 3

The country tab is important to fill out as it selects the measurement format. If the user selects United States, Liberia or Burma the default is Imperial, any other country will default to Metric. Please Note you MUST “Save” to make changes effective.


Quick Start Step 4

The roles section is important as it is used to populate roles in the “Flight” section. If you do not select a role you will not be able to assign the user to roles.


Quick Start Step 5

DroneLogbook has created data fields that are tied to specific aviation jurisdictions (and will only show up when the appropriate jurisdiction is selected). So make sure you choose the one that applies to you.


Quick Start Step 6

The “Your Documents” section allows the user to attach documents such as license’s and certificates to be called up at a later time if needed.


Quick Start Step 7

Once all the fields have been filled out make sure to click “Save” or none of the changes will be in effect.


Quick Start Step 8

After the user profile has been completed the user needs to go to the “Organization” tab.


Quick Start Step 9

When the user arrives at this screen they will be prompted to enter an organization token OR they can create an organization. The “Enter Organization Token” is for those users who are joining a pre-existing organization. If this is the case they only need to enter the token and validate the token. They will NOT need to enter the information in the section below.


Quick Start Step 10

If the user is creating a new organization they will need to enter the information in the profile section. This information is used to populate headers on forms (and is not mandatory).


Quick Start Step 11

One item to note. By choosing the appropriate industry in the “Main Industry” section it will provide the user with access to industry tailored fields not available to all industries. For example, if the user chooses 1st Responder they will have access to “Flight Types” in the flight screen that apply only to their industry.


Quick Start Step 12

Once the user has filled out the “Your Organization” screen they need to click “Create” to create the organization. This is when the Organization Token is created.


Quick Start Step 13

The user will see the “Organization Token” at the top of the “Your Organization” page. This is the token that would be given to any other personnel you want to join this organization (Step 9)


Quick Start Step 14

Once you have created the organization you can add your logo (for PDF reports) and attach any organization related documents such as insurance certificates, regulatory documents etc..


Quick Start Step 15

After the organization has been created the next step is to add inventory. This would include, drones, batteries and equipment. This data is used to populate pull down menu’s in the flight and maintenance sections.


Quick Start Step 16

To add a drone click “+Add Drone”.



Quick Start Step 17

The user then fills out the information on the form. Please note that items in light blue (Name) are mandatory, others are optional. Also note that for some manufacturers who have serial numbers in the telemetry data (DJI) we are able to match the drone to a flight from that serial number so please make sure if you want the auto-match feature to work that you assign the correct serial number.


Quick Start Step 18

As always you need to click “Save” for the changes to take effect.


Quick Start Step 19

After you have entered your drones add your batteries. Note the auto-match for serial number capability is in effect here as well for DJI.


Quick Start Step 20

Then add your equipment.


Quick Start Step 21

Once you have added your inventory (and additional personnel) the administrator can edit user permission. To do this click on the personnel screen.


Quick Start Step 22

Click on the “Rights” screen to access the permission screen.


Quick Start Step 23

Next the admin can edit the rights for the person they selected. These rights allow for restricting the add/edit or delete access for that person. The rights are by section.


Quick Start Step 24

Click “Save” to take effect.


Quick Start Step 25 (Optional DJI Users)

This final section is for users who operate DJI equipment. DroneLogbook allows for syncing between the DJI cloud and the DroneLogbook platform. To access the setup click on “Flights”.


Quick Start Step 26 (Optional DJI Users)

Go to the “Sync Your DJI Flights” button.


Quick Start Step 27 (Optional DJI Users)

Enter your email account and password to login and then you are ready to import flights to our platform. The next step is you are ready to fly and enter flights. Your setup is complete.