Edit User Permission Rights

Instructions for how to set permission levels for users within an organization.

Personnel – Change Permission Step 1

Click on “Personnel” on the nav bar.


Personnel – Change Permission Step 2

Find the person whose rights (Permission) you want to edit and click on the “Rights” button.


Personnel – Change Permission Step 3

Choose the right you want to change and click the check box. If you remove the check you are removing that right from the user. If you add the check you are giving the user permission to access that function.

For the Customers: option at the bottom of the pop up it applies to the “Customers” tab on the Enterprise Plan. If you restrict the user from accessing the “Customers” tab they will still be able to assign flights to a customer in the “Plan Mission” and “Flights” sections. This only restricts their access to the information in the “Customers” tab.


Personnel – Change Permission Step 4

Click “Save” to finalize the changes.