DroneDeploy -> DroneLogbook : Sync issues

Some users mentioned an issue where a flight can not be synced with DroneDeploy, message “file cannot be imported”.
This message is typically there when no log for this DroneDeploy flight has been found.

To check this point please follow these steps.

  • click the Map Name while viewing the map. In this screenshot, flight log is there (you can see its link on the bottom of the screen):Dlb-DroneDeploy2   Dlb-DroneDeploy1
  • Flight logs not saved correctly to DroneDeploy:

    One debug step is to:

    – Close the mobile DroneDeploy app (complete close, not only, move to background).
    – Reopen your phone while online and hope it syncs your flight log. Then reload the page on your desktop computer.