DJI Go Sync : How-to

If you are a DJI users and set in DJI GO mobile app account to sync your flights with DJI Cloud, you can sync directly in DroneLogbook your flights and enter them in your logbook.
It’s very easy to achieve, here are a couple of steps to follow:

  1. In DJI GO app, enter in your logbook section:
  2. Click on the Cloud sync button:
  3. Start the synchronization of all flight:
    At this step your mobile device DJI logbook is backuped on the DJI Cloud. It can synced now from DroneLogbook.
  4. Connect on your DroneLogbook online account (
    Go in your Flights list screen and click on “Add Flight” button, Importing Flight and then DJI Sync.
  5. Enter your DJI Account, email and password (we don’t store this information on our side) .
  6. You can then set the date from which the flights must be retrieved. This date will be kept, so next time you come to sync your flights, only new flights synced in the DJI Cloud, will be displayed. Click on “Sync Flight Logs” button to refresh the list based on the set date.
    You can then decide to import all at once or import file by file: Import status can be :
    “import in progress..” : doing the import
    ” File already imported”: the flight log has already been imported in your DroneLogbook flight list.
    ” NO GPS point”: the flight log does not contain telemetry data (drone stay on the ground by example…)
    “Log imported (XX points): Flight has been successfully imported. Click on the “View” button to jump to the flight detail screen.You can also apply some value to all file imported; like the Drone, Flight type, Project & Customer (enterprise plan only), Battery and equipment on-board, Personnel (Pilot, Visual Observer, Payload Operator).
  7. From DroneLogbook mobile application: DJI Go Sync feature is also possible from our mobile application. BUT, you need at least the first time to connect to your DJI account from our website : so follow the above steps first, before using the Mobile DJI Go Sync.

If you can not see and sync your latest flights:
1- Check you are using the correct DJI account in DJI GO mobile app and in DroneLogbook (control typo in the email address).
2- In DroneLogbook DJI Sync screen, try to Disconnect from your DJI account and relogin. The authentication token needs sometime to be refreshed.